tape 8 – ryan “the poet”

“He who sees a private aspect (of one’s life) and does not expose it, his act will be tantamount of bringing a newborn girl buried alive back to life.” Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.a)

 “What if I can’t hum on key? What if my melodies are the ones nobody hears?”

The school librarian invites Hannah to a poetry slam. As she is sitting there she notices Ryan, the school editor. She gets upset that he is there because he posted the “Hot List” that Alex had created in the school magazine.

Ryan goes to Hannah and apologizes for publishing that list. He gave her a journal to make amends. Hannah then decides to go to the poetry slam and she hears Ryan’s poetry. She is really moved by his poetry and asks him to help her write one. He agrees and they start working on poetry together. He tells Hannah that she has to write from her heart. Hannah writes a very personal poem that Ryan likes a lot. She tells him to not tell anyone and he agrees. However, he decided to post the poem anonymously and Hannah was furious. She did not want anyone reading that poem and Ryan never asked permission to publish it. Hannah then stopped writing poetry and stop attending the poetry slams.

Ryan had no right to publish her poem, and he did it out of selfishness. In accordance with the abovementioned hadith, Ryan was wrong to put a piece of Hannah’s private life into the public, and it really hurt her. The Prophet compares concealing the secrets of a brother or sister to bringing a baby back to life. That’s how paramount this concept is. And we see in Hannah’s situation, when the right path is not followed, the effects are disastrous.